Burcon Gains Patents for Protein, Mustard Seed Isolates


VANCOUVER—Burcon NutraScience Corporation received multiple patents for the proprietary processes for the production of canola protein isolates and for the production of protein isolates from mustard seed.

The company’s Supertein™ is a highly-soluble napin-rich canola protein isolate that has excellent solubility and is rich in the sulphur containing amino acids, cysteine and methionine. Potential applications include beverages, confectionery, aerated desserts and protein bars. A patent also was granted for Nutratein™ canola protein extraction processes that allow for the production of canola protein isolates that are rich in napin and cruciferin. Applications include animal feed and aquaculture.

Burcon received a third patent for the proprietary process that allows the protein isolates to be separated from mustard seed meal and isolated for other uses.


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