Yogurt Cultures for Reduced-Fat Formulations


A line of yogurt cultures from DSM Food Specialties, DELVO®-YOG, affords food manufacturers the flexibility to create yogurts with a variety of flavors, textures, styles and functional options.

With the cultures, according to Qi Zhang, Product Manager Cultures, “it is possible to create precise tastes and textures across different global products with strong regional features, whether they are set, stirred or drinking varieties. The range enhances viscosity and mouthfeel in reduced fat applications, ensuring that eating satisfaction is not compromised in the pursuit of health. DELVO-YOG cultures can also help optimize cost and process efficiency."

DSM has divided the cultures into five groups, based on the most common types of yogurts: Authentic, Traditional Style, Infinite, Set Velvet and Flow Velvet.

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