2012: A Year in Review

Year in Review 2012

Target Markets: The first step in product development should be understanding who's eating what.

Focus on Food Safety: Foodborne-illness outbreaks coupled with new regulations kept food safety in the news throughout 2012.

Taking Aim at Obesity and Weight Management: Throughout 2012, focus remained on tactics for helping Americans whittle their waistlines and the resulting health complications.

A Bittersweet Year for Sweeteners: The year's controversy concerning sweeteners spurred product developers to consider new sweetening strategies and ingredients.

Taking Care of Texture: In the face of rising costs and consumers' appetite for low-fat and low-sugar foods, new texturizers emerged to stand in for other ingredients.

Spotlight on Vitamin D: 2012 brought reams of research illustrating the importance of vitamin D in our daily diets.

Coloring Our World: The consumer call for natural products brought an increased focus on formulating with exempt colors.

Clean Labels: What's in a Name?: Ingredient manufacturers heeded the call for clean labels with a host of new introductions.

GMOs Lead Food-Label Fracas: The search for truth in labeling, particularly for GMOs, witnessed new levels of contention and heightened awareness in 2012.

A Healthy Future for Healthy Foods: Sometimes, what's not in a food product is just as important as what's in it.