Lynn A. Kuntz

The Food Science Blog is a goulash of news, opinions and advice about designing food products and other issues affecting our industry. Its moderator and sometimes contributor is Lynn A. Kuntz, editor of Food Product Design. A lifetime of food-industry experience, first in the trenches and currently via the written word, has shaped her knowledge base and her opinions―and she's not afraid to use either of them.

The Buzz About Coffee: Starbucks Plans and the Coffee Genome
Judie Bizzozero

Trending Foods examines the latest news, market trends, surveys and stats that are helping shape the food industry. Senior Editor Judie Bizzozero, a long-time newshound, sniffs out the most relevant issues affecting the food industry and provides a fresh perspective on their impact.

Food Product Design, Natural Products INSIDER Unite to Meet Global Market Needs
Josh Long

The Food Law Blogger explores food litigation, including cases involving foodborne illness and labeling disputes, as well as key regulatory developments at the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and U.S. Department of Agriculture. Ping Josh Long with story ideas at

Food Industry Lays Out Arguments in GMO Labeling Appeal
Alissa Marrapodi

Formulating Foods explores the latest health and nutrition news and research—as well as the latest ingredient and food application innovations—to determine what consumers want (and need) from the food and beverage products they consume, and how industry can make it happen. Managing Editor Alissa Marrapodi keeps tabs on the pressing issues affecting consumers’ health and provides insight to guide food product designers to successful product formulations.

Trans Fat Worsens Memory